Don’t wait to lose weight

Blame it on our lifestyle or other factors, obesity is a problem many people are struggling with in today’s times. Obesity, not only affects our physical health, but has an adverse impact on mental health, too. It can further cause ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, hormonal imbalances, and many other health issues, with an aim to solve the problem of obesity and help people lead healthy lives, Shape-U Clinic has come up with a treatment for Weight Loss. Dr Mahesh Mandot (MBBS) says, “The treatment of lipolysis is multi-beneficial as it comprises cavitations, non-ablative radio frequency (NARF), G5 massage, vacuum (mobilization of fat), and the use of treadmill. I strongly believe that obesity can be treated with modification in one’s lifestyle” The five-in-one U- Lipolysis treatment help in shaping up the body without causing any pain or side effects.
The treatment is cost effective, and can be done to reduce fat from different fat from different area of the body such as stomach, hips, thighs, arms, caves, chest, face and upper back. One can lose up to 10 cm of excess fat with one session of the treatment. The shape-U clinic also pays special attention to the diet of the patient, where they suggest them to eat food rich in protein and carbohydrate, and cut down on fat. “The diet, we suggest, depends on the ailment the patient is suffering from, “says Dr Mandot, adding, “we are always happy to help clients to only reduce weight, but also live a healthy life,” The shape-U clinic consists of the pathology lab that offers 50% discount on the medical tests done by their patients.
The clinic also offers Ayurvedic treatment such a panchkarmas that includes abhyangam vaman, virechana, basti and nasya. “We provide specialized treatment to those suffering from shoulder pain, thyroid, PCOD, diabetes, high blood pressure and infertility” says Dr Mahesh. He further emphasizes that client satisfaction is the sole motto of his clinic. “Shape-U has the latest technological equipment and is providing quality treatment to patients for more than a decade,” he says.