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There are many reasons why you gain fat or become obese. These include…

  • Hereditary.
  • Intake of high fat and high calorie foods.
  • Imbalance of food items.
  • Low physical activity.
  • Certain medications.
  • Certain medical problems.

There are various treatments to lose weight. These include Diet, Exercise, Medications, Surgery and various Non-surgical treatments like U-Lipolysis, Laser Lipo, Cryo-lipo and through Electro-Muscle Stimulators (EMS).

Yes, weight loss is different from fat loss. Weight loss would also involve loss of water, muscle and may be fat. However, fat loss involves loss of fat and not of water and muscles.

We have Non-surgical treatments for fat loss that is U-Lipolysis, Electro Muscle Stimulator (EMS) & Infrared Detox

Yes. The fat loss is permanent with Non- surgical U-Lipolysis treatment.

No. U-Lipolysis is a Non-surgical treatment which has become popular across the world for fat loss, inch loss and shaping of the body.

Since the procedure is completely non-surgical, non-invasive and done superficially, the side effect is totally zero. The treatment does not cause any kind of burns or scarring of the skin. One can resume all their activities immediately after the treatment.

U-Lipolysis treatment uses high intensity ultrasound waves. These sound waves breaks the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissues which then gets excreted through the lymphatic drainage system.

No. There are no side effects of the U-Lipolysis treatment on the skin.

Each session of U-Lipolysis will take around 30 – 40 minutes depending upon the area of the treatment. After the U-Lipolysis session, Muscle stimulation or other combination like Detox or vacuum is given. Overall one session requires 2 – 2.5 hours of time.

The number of sessions is determined after doing the fat analysis in the initial consultation. Generally 8 – 10 sessions are required for good, visible results. If the person is overweight or obese, then the number of sessions increases.

After the machine breaks down the fat, it is absorbed by the lymphatic drainage and transported to the liver. The liver then breaks the fat into Glycerol which is utilized by the body for energy and Free Fatty acid which is excreted out of the body.

Any individual looking to lose their fat from a specific part of their body like their belly, hip or thigh, obese and overweight individuals can do this treatment. This treatment is also beneficial for individuals with medical problems like knee problem, heart problem, hypertension or stroke who are unable to exercise.

After any session of U-Lipolysis you can expect an inch loss of 2-4 inches.

No. There is no need to follow a strict diet. However, you have to follow a high protein diet after the U-Lipolysis treatment and a balanced diet.

Only uncontrolled eating of fried foods and junk foods would cause you to gain back the fat or weight after you leave the program but it will take a comparatively longer time to gain back the fat. However, if you maintain a balanced intake of food then you will not gain back the lost fat and weight.

If you want to maintain your result, you should not go on a crash diet but continue to eat a balanced diet.

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