U Lipolysis – The most advanced technology for Slimming, Shaping and Sculpting

Non Surgical and Cost-effective treatment for Excessive Fat

People today are giving a lot more of their time on weight loss, reducing body fat and excess inch on different parts of their body. Diseases which were seen to occur after the age of 30 and were rare have now become a common phenomenon such as Obesity, thyroid, diabetes, etc.

Reason for the growing rate of people which such issues is Excessive body weight and fat. What may be the probable cause of such health issues? Long hours of a desk job and coaching classes, wrong sitting and sleeping posture, drinking water right after the meal, lifestyle disorder etc.

Majority of the world population aim for a fit and healthy life and want to remain disease-free. Young people see the models and artist as their role model and want to look like them. But this becomes difficult for people with busy life schedule.

Hence, to avoid getting overweight or any other health-related issues, people opt for dieting and workout. But do we have the time to follow the schedule and practise it daily? 

Gym trainer and dieticians require the people to follow the routine strictly, and this becomes a tedious task for people who have a hectic work schedule, for those who have to travel for work and for people who manage household work are not able to achieve. So, what may be a probable solution which is easy, not risky and does not have any side effect?

One of the best option is U Lipolysis treatment which is Non Surgical and has no side effects. It is the most advanced and smart technique to lose excess fat. There are hardly any clinics who have qualified doctor and qualified to do the treatment. Shape U is the 1st clinic in Mumbai to start with u Lipolysis Treatment.

About Shape-U?

Shape-U Clinic is a well known and very well trusted Weight Loss and Body Shaping clinic in Mumbai. Dr Mahesh Mandot is an MBBS doctor from KEM Hospital, Founder and Executive Member of All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity and a certified SCOPE consultant from World Obesity Federation.  Shape U was established in 1998 and it has served to thousands of people helping in losing their weight and curing obesity-related problems.  The individualized program at Shape-U weight loss clinic take into account the differences between individuals. Each weight management care plan starts with a careful, individual assessment performed by the expert members of our multidisciplinary team.

The team at Shape-U has helped thousands of people losing weight through non-surgical U-Lipolysis treatment and maintain their fitness.

U-Lipolysis treatment

U lipolysis is the most Advanced, Non Surgical and Non Invasive method of reducing excess fat from various areas of the body. It is the perfect way to get in shape for those people who want to LOSE FAT and INCHES FASTER, without any Side Effects and any Pain.

It can be taken on part of the body where you want to reduce fat.

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Thigh Tuck
  • Inner Thigh Tuck
  • Hip Tuck
  • Arm Tuck
  • Back / Upper Back Tuck
  • Side Tuck
  • Saddle Bag Tuck
  • Calf Tuck
  • Face / Chin Tuck
  • Breast Tuck / Lifting
  • Male Gynecomastia

Benefits of U Lipolysis Treatment

  • Once a week session
  • Lose upto 8cms in each session
  • Safe, Painless and Economical
  • No Side Effects, No Heavy Exercises
  • No Surgery, No Medicine, No Crash Diet

How is the treatment performed?

In this treatment, only fat cells are targeted which is below 1.5cm under the skin. These fat cells are broken down through the sound waves and comes out of  lymphatic drainage in the form of Motion and Sweat. Fat cells are targeted without affecting any organs. The fat which is reproducing are targeted and removed and it’s a permanent fat loss solution.   

It takes around 8 to 10 session minimum to complete the treatment and see visible results.

Treatment is entirely safe, there are absolutely no side-effects, and people can expect to lose fat whichever part they choose to focus.

For more details: https://www.shapeuclinic.in/index.html