Reducing Fat Non- Surgically

Losing weight requires a lot of effort and a multidisciplinary approach. If you are looking to lose some of that excess fat, help is at hand. “We strongly believe in non-surgical Weight Loss and inch loss through the 5-in-1 U-Lipolysis treatment,” says Dr Mahesh Mandot, MBBS Obesity Consultant (KEM Hospital, parel), CEO of Shape-UTM clinic, and weight management expert, who has been practicing for the past 20 years. Shape-UTM clinic’s 5-in-1 U-Lipolysis treatment comprises multi-cavitation, NARF, G5 massages, vacuum, and the use of a treadmill. Dr. Mandot says, “ People lose up to 10 cm from the target area through this from of treatment. Results are seen immediately after each treatment. A minimum course of eight treatments (one per week) is recommended.”
The 5-in-1 U-Lipolysis treatment can help body shaping, slimming and sculpting without any side effects or pain. Dr. Mandot says, “ This cost-effective treatment is available for the tummy, sides, hips, thighs, arms, saddlebag, calves, upper, back, female B-line, male chest, face and chin. G5 is a mechanical massager. It helps provide a deep massage. We have a specially-designed treadmill, which provides strength and tones the musculoskeletal system.” Shape-UTM clinic focuses on individualized weight-loss and inch-loss programmes based on a person’s body composition. The clinic also provides a client-specific diet plan, exercise regime and massages. Dr. Mandot says, “Shape-UTM believes in teamwork. We have a team of qualified doctors, registered dieticians and counselors. Along with U-Lipolysis, we also provide Ayurvedic panchkarma treatments such as abhyangam, basti, shirodhara, nasya and lifestyle modification programmes and disease-specific yoga therapies. We also have an in-house pathology department where you can get blood tests at 50% discount. Aura healing and a complex full-body scan is also a specialty that is performed at our clinic by Dr Uday shah.”

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