Gynecomastia: 3 Best Ways to Reduce Man Boobs Non Surgically

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes abnormal enlargement of one or both male breast due to the growth of breast tissue. Enlargement of the breast tissue could be due to hormonal imbalance, excess of steroid drugs, overweight, excess of intake alcohol.

The appearance of enlarged male breast is highly bothersome to many of the men who are affected by it. It stops them performing simple activities like swimming, going to the beach, etc. It affects their confidence making them feel embarrassed and depressed.  In order to improve their appearance, men seek out various treatments that claim to eliminate male breast.

3 Ways to Reduce Male Chest Fat Non Surgically


Men and women have specific hormones present to control sex characteristics in the body. Imbalance of these hormones affects certain functions of the body. Male breast tissue swells due to reduced male hormones called “testosterone” or increased female hormones called “oestrogens”.


Men with pseudo gynecomastia i.e. excess fat causing the appearance of male breast may notice that their man boobs disappear when they lose weight. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with clean eating habits, avoiding alcohol and performing physical activity will help to get rid of excess chest fat.


U lipolysis is a non-surgical treatment to remove unwanted fat from the targeted area of the body. During this treatment no other tissues are affected. Asymmetry, dimpling and uneven surface of the targeted area which occurs through surgical procedures can be avoided by Non-Surgical U lipolysis. This treatment is very convenient and produces effective results giving a chest that is firmer, flatter and better contoured.  Men who undergo Non-Surgical U lipolysis for male breast reduction, feel more confident in their appearance, have reduced anxiety and develop more positive self-image.