A simple explanation for the rise in Obesity is that people are eating more and are less physically active. 


With globalization, people want to try and are more interested to incorporate food from cultures from around the world. With the kind of lifestyle that people have today, where they do not have time to cook, people want ready-to-eat meals or will eat what is easily available. 

Even in low-income groups, it is easier to get processed foods or fast foods as opposed to fruits and vegetables.

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Even though there are established standard portions on how much to eat and what to eat so that people can avoid the risk of weight gain, it doesn’t mean people can’t eat what they want or how much they want.

Most of us have enough knowledge about what food is good for us and what is not. Despite this, sometimes people have limited ability to make good decisions. This could be because of stress, distraction, or preoccupied thoughts.

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If there is aggressive marketing against unhealthy foods like there is for alcohol and smoking then people will make informed choices they more easily know what foods to avoid. For example, there should be warning labels as stop signs for foods that are high in sugar, fat, and calories.

Also, it should be highlighted and first on the list of ingredients followed by others. Image result for AGGRESSIVE MARKETING OF UNHEALTHY FOOD


Food can be controlled in closed environments of schools, offices, and other organizations but as soon as they leave the campus students and adults are bombarded with fast-food chains, convenience stores that sell highly processed foods that give larger portions which means giving more calories to people than they can burn.

A most important reason for obesity today would be the sedentary lifestyle. Adults mostly have sitting desk jobs while even homemakers do most of their household work using machines like washing machines, mixer grinder, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc.

Even children are addicted to cell phones and video games. Instead of playing real games outside, they will prefer playing similar games online. All of this means there is very low physical activity and add to this the intake of extra calories which we cannot burn, so obesity is bound to happen.

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It is of utmost importance to build good eating habits early in childhood. As they grow older, they may be more likely to incorporate these healthy foods into their diet. Children learn looking at their parents so it’s important to eat healthy together as a family. 

Also, if you do not bring unhealthy foods in the house or limit the number of unhealthy foods you buy automatically you will be saved from having extra calories. 

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Limiting screen time not only for children but for adults and using that time for outdoor activities or exercise. It can be yoga; functional exercise, Zumba, dancing, cross-fit, weight training, trekking, etc will help them stay fit

It should be something that you like so that you can be consistent and can do it for a longer period. It’s also not essential that you do only one type of physical activity. It is better if you incorporate more. By doing this, you can say No to Obesity