Myth 1-

Drinking more cups of Green Tea leads to fatter burning.

Fact: Green tea when consumed in right amounts and right time along with exercise leads to fat burning. But when you consume 5-6 cups in a day the high caffeine content makes you dehydrated and acidic. Rather than increasing your metabolism, it slows down. So there is no ‘extra’ fat burning when you consume more!

Myth 2-

Homemade ghee makes you fat!

Fact:  Homemade Ghee are rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA helps you to mobilise and burn the stubborn fat thereby help you to lose weight. So always, add a spoon of ghee to your meal plate.

Myth 3-

Eating more of protein will help to build muscles.

Fact: Proteins are the primary fuel source for muscles. Muscles will take up only the required amount of proteins and the rest is unutilised. The unutilised proteins gets converted into fat and get stored in the body ultimately.

Myth 4-

Doing a detox diet after a binge day will nullify the cheat calories.

Fact: No it really does not help if it’s on all weekly basis. When we binge, we end up eating more than required, later punish the body with working out extra hours or starve the body using detox techniques. This impacts the overall body functioning, mind becomes lethargic. Body has its own limitation on how many calories will be burned.  Better is to eat mindfully when binging, as brain will signal on where to stop.

Myth 5-

People who are thin don’t need to exercise!

Fact: The most common and widely accepted myth. Exercises are done to remain fit and healthy. Being thin does not qualify as being healthy. Everyone needs to workout. However, the type of exercise and its intensity will vary depending upon the person’s health and fitness goals. Thin people need to aim at gaining muscles. Often, thin people have the same percentage of fat as the person who actually looks fat. This is because the person who looks thin usually has least amount of muscles and thus, the body weight is lesser as muscles are very dense.

Myth 6-

Rice is fattening

Fact: Rice is high on carbohydrates and not fat. When taken in right quantities and right time, it will get utilized by the body and will not end up being excess which otherwise may end up being stored as fat.  The best way to eat rice is to combine it with a combination of some protein source or fibre. For example, eat Rice + Dal or Rice+ Fish Curry.

Timing is equally important. You can have rice post a workout in your lunch, wherein body assures it will burn it off during the rest of the day. We can enjoy it in dinner too, provided the dinner is around 7-7.30pm.

Myth 7-

Mango, Chickoo, Banana and Grapes should not be eaten by diabetics and those who want to loose weight.

Fact: Yes, these fruits are high in natural sugar content but also has good nutrients. While selecting a fruit, one should look at nutrients and not just natural sugar content. When consumed at the right time and right quantity, they provide great benefits. For example, mango being high on Fibre, when consumed as an in-between meal gives you fullness and makes you not munch on the otherwise unhealthy stuff. Bananas have high levels of B6 vitamin. Vitamin B6 helps Type 2 Diabetics to control its blood sugar levels due to its anti-glycaemic properties.